Originating from AD Consulting’s intention to strengthen its reputation as a solution provider, EUEI is a start-up company that offers corporate clients innovative ideas.

Our mission is provide companies with backing during vital business and digital transformation processes by offering value-added services with a particular attention to quality and cost containment.

EUEI studies and develops solutions and products employing new technologies and new paradigms with the option of cloud-based or on-premises use.  The design of the solution becomes replicable, resulting in a best practice open to adoption by companies from different industries.


Marco Biagioni

An eclectic, capable kind of guy! If you take his ideas on board, he will give you exactly the kind of tool you need to use your time usefully... If you need innovation, he'll maximise your action.

Andrea Carani

10 years of passion in development and design, Andrea moves among codes and logic with natural grace and wit; he's tech-savvy and comes with his own personal bundle of software.

AD Consulting S.r.l.

AD Consulting is a young
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