Production Sentinel

Production Sentinel is a solution dedicated to businesses in the mechanical engineering/manufacturing industry, which detects (through the PLCs installed in the machines) the operating and production status in total visibility mode, at any time and from anywhere, in order to help you reduce downtime.

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TCS, or The Configuration Saver, is the EUEI solution that allows easy management of equipment configuration backups. IT facilities large and small can provide accurate monitoring of all devices and their inventory, as well as their geographic location, logistical/physical positioning, and their internal configurations.

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EUEI Surfin is a WiFi HotSpot designed to allow mobile users and guests an internet connection. Upon registration of certain items of the user's data, the software issues visitors with a printout containing the login credentials.

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Ape is an intuitive, user-friendly HTML 5 web application that allows manufacturing companies to manage, in an orderly, accurate manner, information on the workflow and activities of their warehouse and production departments. Production and warehouse statuses are monitored, data is accessible in real time, remotely even, and room for human error is decreased drastically. Presented in reports featuring charts and graphics, information becomes a managerial decision-making tool for issues relating to budget, production, and sourcing.

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Eve is a solution produced by EUEI to help the sales force plan events aimed at selling a product or service. Eve gives a comprehensive, structured, common overview of information relating to marketing activity linked to the demonstration or presentation of a product or service, with the end goal being the sale thereof.

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Virtual Sentinel

Virtual Sentinel goes beyond the concept of a solution, it is a complete architecture for surveillance. It is an innovative, reliable, and versatile system that allows complete interoperability between technologies and solutions. EUEI has developed a customised version of this software, called Virtual Reception, which offers the same services as reception desk handling incoming goods and vehicles to logistics facilities.

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Chanda LPR is a solution for monitoring access to public and private areas. By linking it up to a surveillance camera, the software reads and identifies registration plates and can check whether the vehicles in question have been stolen. It can also check - in real time - whether a vehicle has the compulsory third-party liability insurance, or simply allow entry to or exit from monitored sites.

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