The solution dedicated to the mechanical engineering/manufacturing industry, which uses the PLCs  to detect  the operating and production of machine tools.

This central monitoring system, which can be either cloud-based or installed on the premises, uses the PLCs installed in machines to monitor (with remote operation if necessary) the production status of machine tools and increase production efficiency, with a corresponding reduction in  expenditure for man-hours.

With Production Sentinel you can keep the production situation of your machines monitored, in real time, in order to be able to make the right decisions and establish the right priorities so as to restore machine operation. Information provided includes machine operating status, production parameters, output, and causes of downtime for each machine and can be viewed on an easy-to-read panel.

You can monitor production in real time with any mobile device, smartphone or tablet, avoiding the need for extra devices and equipment for this purpose.

MECCANICA GN works with Production Sentinel

World leader in high-precision mechanical machining and  in the processing of equipment for the automotive, sports, aeronautical and biomedical industries, MECCANICA GN uses Production Sentinel to monitor all its machine tools, which must always be available because the products they manufacture (which are never commonplace) require considerable high-level technical capabilities.