immagine Meccanica GN1

Technology, speed and the utmost professionalism are the features that set MECCANICA GN apart from the rest and have made them one of the most reliable suppliers to the great F1 teams.

Within a world geared for speed, a dynamic approach, competitive prices, and fast service are the keys to success –  especially when it comes to supplying mechanical parts for F1 racing and for the aeronautical industry, both of which demand rapid turnaround times. In order to tackle these challenges, MECCANICA GN needed  to monitor the conditions of its tool machines (in terms of both use and downtime), while also reducing the cost of the monitoring and crosschecking actual productivity against estimated levels.

Their requirements were met through Production Sentinel, a custom software solution developed by EUEI, member of the AD Consulting group, which – using the PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) installed in the machine tools – detects operational and production statuses, in total visibility mode,  at any time and anywhere to help eliminate downtime and so increase productivity.