Chandal LPR is a software solution for monitoring access to public and private areas. By linking it up to a surveillance camera, the software reads and identifies registration plates  and can check whether the vehicles in question have been misappropriated.  It can also check – in real time  – whether a vehicle has the compulsory third-party liability insurance, or simply allow entry to or exit from monitored sites.


Public Administration and Security

With a system comprising software and video surveillance apparatus, Chanda is ideal for monitoring public areas of any town or city. Local authorities can increase safety in and monitoring of strategic areas where criminal offences are most likely to occur.

Special Waste and Disposal

Chanda can be used to monitor access  to waste disposal centres , as well as  for the protection of the local area and community.

Logistics and Transportation

Chanda can be used to monitor and manage automation and tracking  for goods and vehicles in  large storage and handling  areas.  The product was developed with the needs of the large-scale retail sector in mind, and offers fully customizable  services which can be tailored to individual clients’ logistics needs.