Devised and developed by AD Consulting and EUEI, Virtual Sentinel provides remote video surveillance to manage unattended locations such as offices, branches, or other facilities that need to interact with the public, in order to allow access to buildings or monitor offices with two-way video and audio links.

With video surveillance equipment, hardware, and software installed, whatever happens at the work stations can be controlled remotely (in full respect of privacy regulations)  and the police or other emergency services can be alerted if necessary.  This solution also allows  the workstation operator to make an emergency call.

EUEI has developed a customised version of this software, called Virtual Reception, which offers the same services as reception desk handling incoming goods and vehicles to logistics facilities.

Virtual Reception records visitors’ and drivers’ incomings and outgoings, providing a printout  stating the goods loading and unloading platform and the delivery documents.

The customised solution offers considerable savings  in terms of financial and technological means.  Security and privacy  are guaranteed,  in full compliance with laws in force; total flexibility means  the system can be adapted to meet future requirements.  The image recording, management, and storage procedures meet both in legal requirements and internal company policy.