Modena City Council  has been working with Acantho and AD Consulting  to install  – at a number of the city’s entry and exit points – Chanda LPR, the solution developed by AD Consulting and EUEI that immediately flags up passing vehicles that have either been stolen or are on checklists issued by the police force,  thereby helping to prevent and reduce  crime. The solution consists of context cameras integrated with video surveillance systems, in addition to LPR cameras that can read the licence plates of moving vehicles.  Chanda LPR interfaces with the national central plates and transit system (SCNTT in Italian) that monitors and detects stolen vehicles and crosschecks for statutory insurance.

Chanda LPR is equipped with an automatic alert system, which can be triggered by any event decided by either  the operator or directly definable rules.  By cross-referencing data from reports on certain vehicle number plates with the client’s alert system, this platform provides a key service for the real-time detection of movement of reported vehicles, with a subsequent  reduction in response times.  Authorised users can now enter customised reports to accompany the information already contained in the vehicle search database and  the database of stolen or lost  number plates at the Italian Home Office.