12/05/2015 Milano, Expo 2015, nella foto Albero della vita - notturno

To tackle the Expo operational sites’  needs for Wi-Fi broadband Internet access,  EUEI Surfin was used, which is an access portal designed to allow guests an internet connection.  Upon registration of certain items of the user’s data, the  Expo secretarial office issues visitors with a printout containing the personal login credentials.

Expo also adopted TCS (The Configuration Saver), another solution developed by AD Consulting Group member  EUEI, to manage its network device configuration backups.

EUEI TCS features a panel that allows the administrator to view all devices and offers multiple views which combine to provide a complete overview of the backups. This means the user can see the last backup made immediately and spot any problems right away, using the ‘compare versions’ tool.  TCS allows you to correct or restore  past backups, so as to create  log file of all the backups sorted by editing or by saving date/time.

This meant Expo 2015 could keep an eye on all its  configurations, resulting in significant savings in time and resources, in addition to operating  efficiency with total security.