Motovario is one of the biggest names in Italy in the design,  manufacture and marketing of transmission components for industrial and civil applications.

The entire production process takes place in the over 50,000 square metres of production facility located  in Formigine and Ubersetto, in the province of Modena.  Communications are essential for Motovario, and being able to monitor and inventory  its network equipment was one of the needs  that EUEI met with its TCS software. TCS, or The Configuration Saver, is the flexible solution that allows easy management of equipment configuration backups.

With TCS, Motovario can catalogue, survey, and monitor all the devices by scanning the network;  using the auto discovery feature, all the network devices can be identified and then categorised according to various criteria, such as   type, manufacturer, keyword (tags), and geographic location.

Backups can be performed by IT personnel in three ways, i.e.  either on demand (i.e. as per individual requirements) or via multiple selections; they can be programmed according to a preset time based on easily settable criteria,    or a backup  can be started automatically if a configuration is changed