Solimè has been operating in the field of herbal health and beauty remedies since 1975, working with an age-old science based on the knowledge and use of plants for their health, cosmetic, and nutritional properties.

Information about the  production processes and the raw, processed, or semi-processed materials either stored in the warehouse or needing reordering is essential to in order to provide  Solimè customers with high-quality, unspoilt ingredients.

Solimè has adopted Ape, by EUEI, an intuitive, user-friendly web application that allows manufacturing companies to manage, in an orderly, accurate manner,  information on the workflow and activities of their warehouse and production departments.

Available  in cloud-based or on-premises versions, Ape is designed and developed to  provide maximum performance, even for mobile users working remotely. The system has a responsive  interface with mobile web modules which means it can be fed with information from barcode readers or other standard tools.

Ape is a scalable solution that incorporates various modules, such as for warehouse management, order processing, supplier assessment, and many more besides. Reporting, profiled based on user information access  rights, allows users to view data presented in graphical or table form.

Usable in conjunction with various  invoicing  systems, this solution helps improve business performance in terms of production time, reduce management costs, and improve administration efficiency, as well as assisting in the development of strategic areas such as internationalisation and innovation in production networks.

With Ape, Solimmè can keep its production and warehouse  statuses monitored, information is accessible in real time, remotely even, and room for human error is decreased drastically.  Carefully presented in reports, this  information becomes a managerial decision-making tool for  issues relating to budget and sourcing.