CNH Industrial is a global leader in the capital goods sector and, its various activities including designing, manufacturing and marketing machinery for farming and earth-moving, as well as trucks, commercial vehicles, buses, and special vehicles, in addition to a wide range of powertrain applications.   CNH Industrial operates in 180 countries and offers a unique competitive advantage in the form of 12 brands, 64 production facilities, 50 research and development centres, and over 64,000 staff members.

Communications are of strategic importance to the continuity of CNH Industrial’s business, which means  keeping the configurations of the network devices up to date and operational is essential. EUEI’s  TCS solution  has helped CNH Industrial to keep a close eye on all  its equipment ,  allowing simple and accurate monitoring of devices and inventory, as well as their geographic location, logistical/physical positioning, and their internal configurations.

Now, CNH Industrial  can organise all its equipment, compare backups made,  and organise devices according to their type or manufacturer. TCS helps identify changes made in the configurations, highlighting any editing.