One of Italy’s largest local utility providers has adopted  Virtual Sentinel, which provides remote video surveillance to manage unattended locations such as offices, branches, or other facilities that need to interact with the public, in order to allow access to buildings or monitor offices with two-way video and audio links.

The multi-utility company’s core operations focus on the environment (waste collection and treatment), power (electricity and gas distribution and sale) and water (water pipelines, sewerage, and water treatment). The group employs over 8,500 employees, who work every day to meet the multiple needs of over 3.5 million people.  Virtual Sentinel has been introduced in over seven branches of the multi utility provider, with a total of approximately 100 workstations monitored. With Virtual Sentinel, the company that maintains a philosophy of “useful and possible” innovation has brought about a substantial improvement in the safety of its offices and branches, with an optimisation of its financial and technological resources.