Working for Fiorano Modenese town council, we have implemented a smart surveillance system which monitors the entire town.  With Chanda LPR, a solution comprising video surveillance software and equipment, the town has increased safety in and monitoring of strategic areas where criminal offences are most likely to occur.

Chanda LPR is equipped with an automatic alert system, which can be triggered by any event decided by either  the operator or directly definable rules.  By cross-referencing data from reports on certain vehicle number plates with the client’s alert system, this platform provides a key service for the real-time detection of movement of reported vehicles, with a subsequent  reduction in response times.  Authorised users can now enter customised reports to accompany the information already contained in the vehicle search database and  the database of stolen or lost  number plates at the Italian Home Office.  Chanda LPR interfaces with the ministerial database, which is undoubtedly a further attraction.