TCS is now in use at a leading Italian manufacturer of chipboard, veneer, and post-consumer recycled wood.

Here, equipment configuration backups are performed in different ways, i.e. either on demand (i.e. as per individual requirements) or via multiple selections. They can also be time- and date-scheduled  based on easily settable criteria. TCS can also start up a backup  automatically if a configuration is changed.

TCS is EUEI’s contribution to  a complex project  led by AD Consulting which has resulted in the expansion, modernisation, and reorganisation of the entire network infrastructure (which was no longer capable of  meeting the customer’s needs).

The company has 13 manufacturing sites and numerous warehouses located around the world.  Together, the two sites concerned by the project to extend the network infrastructure make up a pole housing dozens of production and warehouse buildings, which all interface with each other via a radio link.  The pole, as a whole, includes two separate  data centres,  each of which provides different types of applications and services.  The total infrastructure comprises approximately  60 network cabinets, all interconnected by a complex fibre optic network. The work to construct  the infrastructure involved rerouting and configuring the network and deploying the equipment